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Reselling Advanced File(s) Warning!

It has been brought to my attention that there are some idiots reselling my advanced files.

I can’t believe that I am having to issue this warning to educate the buyers and sellers of the consequences in the buying and reselling of any of our advanced files.

Unlike morphic fields and subliminals, the energy fields in all files are living, conscious energy. The intelligence level is far greater than anything a human can achieve, let alone comprehend in these times. 

It takes Yogis years, decades, and in most cases, lifetimes to achieve what is made available to you in an audio file. 

It has taken me 3 lifetimes to get to a point where I am able to see and communicate with the fields of energy.

Think about that!

I get permission from each energy field that I work with, to be able to recreate and share the fields in this way. 

This is a privilege, not a right. And by reselling, or buying the files from the fraudulent sellers, you’re abusing the privilege.

Now consider the consequences. 

If it takes a Yogi years or lifetimes to achieve accessing the conscious connection with these energy fields, what makes you think you can become worthy of them by buying a file at a discount from a third party? 

The missing link, is ME. 

You become worthy of using both the Youtube and Advanced versions because I allow it. 

I bring you this right, through the lineage of Yogis I come from. This is the same lineage I spoke about in the ‘When Nothing Else Works’ article. 

Again, this is not a right you have, it is a privilege. And this privilege can be taken away at a the blink of an eye. 

To the resellers, if I spend weeks of my time and tremendous amounts of energy producing these files, and then donate the proceeds of the sales to charity, then what makes you think you will be able to make a profit from selling these files, without consequences?

To the buyers, if the intelligence level of the energy requires ‘worthiness’, which I give you, which you earn from purchasing the files through money obtained from your own hard work, then, what makes you think that the energy fields in the advanced versions will work for you, if you buy from a third party at a discount?

How does it make you worthy? 

I spent 6 hours last night energy testing this scenario of third party buying and selling of all of the advanced files. You’re not going to like the consequences. 

So listen up.

If you have bought (through a third party), resold or used any of the advanced files that you did not pay for, through money earnt through your own effort, or paid for by your parents or children (karmic link), or where I have not given you special permission to use, then, the following applies:

  1. The energy fields will not work for you. You’d be better off using the Youtube versions, which may also stop working for you. Please don’t complain to me if all of my fields stop working for you. 
  2. There will be karmic consequences, such as losing something greater than the actual original price of the files. This applies to both buyers and sellers. 

Note. I am shown that this is not just a monetary loss. It can be other things as well. Also, the original price of the files is not the tiny amount that I charge you. I am talking about the true value that accounts for the time and energy I put into their production, which can amount to many thousands of dollars.

I spoke to my Guru from the lineage about this as well. His response was that you run the risk of blocking yourself off from the spiritual development the energy fields afford you in lifetimes. This means that even with great effort through other means, until the energy fields allow, you may not be able to attain the spiritual growth you’d be seeking. This is an awfully big risk to take for a few dollars. 

Also Note. The losses are guaranteed to happen. 

If you have resold any files, you cannot keep that money. You will lose amounts much greater than any amount you’ve made from the sales. So, you need to donate that money to people who are truly in need, like the homeless, hungry, etc. Please don’t try and be smart with this step by giving this money to a family member or a friend. Energy isn’t stupid. 

If you have bought files, especially the spiritual files, besides the energy not working for you, there may be adverse reactions to the energy as well. Why? Because you are not worthy of the energy. 

You need to donate the original dollar amount, which is what the cost of the files would be in our store, to someone that is truly needy, like someone homeless or hungry. Has to be someone genuinely in need. 

For example, if you bought the ‘When Nothing Else Works’ file from a third party for $20. You still need to donate the full cost of $39 to someone genuinely in need. 

I would suggest that you get your money back from the reseller as well, otherwise you’ll end up paying so much more than what you could have bought the original files for, from our store. 

Only after you have done this, you maybe able to continue using the file. 

Please Note. Just by stopping the use of the files, does not mean that the karma does not need to be repaid. You already engaged in the act, so, you will still need to donate or do something for others less fortunate, without expecting anything in return.

I have also energetically upgraded the energy signature for all files, past and present. From now on, besides sharing the files with your parents, children, partner or spouse, you are no longer permitted to freely share the advanced files with anyone else.

Lastly, I have made powerful versions of these protocols available for free on Youtube, and have provided free downloads of the MP3s. If you cannot purchase the advanced versions, then take it as a sign from the Universe that you may not need it.

You have the Youtube versions, which is already fairly potent in its own right. Don’t let greed overcome you. 

Please don’t ruin it for everyone by abusing this privilege. 

I am issuing this warning because it is my karmic need to do so. What the karmic consequences are for those that abuse this privilege, is not my responsibility. 

Enjoy your day! 


Look everyone, don’t get overly dramatic about it. It’s like none of you know what karma is and how the universe works.

All I’m asking you is to not sell the files, not get greedy in sourcing the advanced files, and not passing the files onto anyone who hasn’t earn’t the right to use the files.

All of you are stuck on the karmic part. How about instead, you think about becoming worthy of using or experiencing the advanced versions? How about you attempt to understand that you’re accessing something that other people spend years of meditation and active spiritual practice, to be able to gain the right to experience. And, many of you are trying to get access to it without doing anything in return. Greed won’t lead you to any level of success.

The solution is simple. 1. Stop abusing this right. If you cannot afford to get the files yourself, use the Youtube versions, which are made freely available to everyone. 2. If you have bought the file, then respect it and use it yourself. The energy field isn’t a toy that you pass around. 3. Focus on becoming worthy. So, if you have used it, and you can’t donate to someone in need, then go do something good for someone. Many of you seem to be young, so, go do chores for your parents without expecting anything in return. Problem solved.

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