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Healing Frequencies

Refresh & Rejuvenate the Scalp – Hair Re-Growth Phase One (MP3 Included)

This protocol’s primary aim is to energetically refresh the scalp, rejuvenate the follicles, remove all stagnant energies from your entire head space, and re-energise the meridians through which energy flows in your scalp.

This is phase one of our three part protocol for hair regrowth. The second and third phases will be released in March. 

Welcomed side effects of phase one, may include less headaches, migraines, and less mental stress.

For many, phase one maybe enough to stop or slow down hair loss, prevent greying, and in some, may even result in faster growth or re-growth of natural hair. 

Just like a farmer prepares the soil before they begin planting crops, so too must we, not only solve the primary cause which resulted in hair loss in the first place, but also prepare the scalp to facilitate the process of natural hair growth. 

The scalp must be made fertile again, and the pathways re-established for the flow of nutrients to follicles. 

Listening to Phase One, will do exactly this. 

You may listen to this file, 1 – 3 times, twice daily, with or without headphones. 

It will be beneficial if you massaged your scalp with natural oils like Coconut oil, Castor oil, Almond oil, or Argan oil, two or three times a week.

If you would like to further energise the oils before application, you may play the ‘When Nothing Else Works’ file, with the oil placed in front of the speaker, with the lid open. 

There are no further instructions in the use of this protocol. 

An advanced version is available in store, with a significant increase in energy output, for those that are suffering from more advanced hair loss.

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