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Spiritual Techniques

Purge the Energy of 2021

This energy protocol tunes into your entire vibration, the energy body of the year 2021 that pertains to you, and the energy body of the year 2022, as it pertains to you. 

The protocol will perform an in-depth purge, clearing all negative energies, emotions, feelings, thoughts and the energy of bad experiences, that no longer serve your purpose, ensuring that you do not carry this burden forward into 2022. 

The protocol will perform a further clearing of your aura, the energy of all of your organs, subtle bodies, and the conscious and subconscious minds. 

It will purge all attachments, entities, thought forms that are connected to any of your bodies. 

There is a further clearing of all of your own self limiting thoughts, self limiting feelings and emotions. 

We’ve also added removing the energies of anger, regret, envy, sadness, anxiousness, and hate.

This year, we’ve added a component to purge all negative energies and frustration in general, related to the coronavirus, lockdowns, any negative energies around vaccines, job losses, and all other limitations that have been placed on your life. This energy needs to be removed, as the burden can cause some serious problems in life. 

This space is then filled with the vibrations of divine love, feelings of hope and excitement, tremendous love of self, tremendous love of life, joy, and inner bliss.

We recommend listening to this file, once a day, for between 1 – 3 days. This should be enough to clear the slate, preparing you entry into 2022 free of any energetic burdens. 

Speakers are ideal, however, this file can be used with headphones. 

We suggest that you spend a few minutes contemplating on the year you’ve had, thinking about the mix of emotions you’ve experienced, and any bad experiences you’ve had, prior to playing the file. Doing this, will help raise those energies, ready to be cleared by this protocol. 

After listening, we highly recommend you spend some time visualising how you would like the year 2022 to be for you. 

Establish some goals, and draft clear action plans to help you achieve those goals. 

As always, please drink plenty of water when doing any energy work. 

On behalf of the entire team here at Spirituality Zone, we wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year. 

Be blessed, always! 

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