Testosterone Megadose – Boost Testosterone Naturally (Advanced Version)




The advanced version increases the power and intelligence of the file dramatically.

Besides the added safeguards of preventing aromatisation and slowing estrogen production, this increased intelligence allows the user to engage with the energies to direct the body’s testosterone production, as well as instruct the body on how best to utilise the increased testosterone. 

For additional safety, we highly recommend dietary changes to inhibit the aromatase enzyme in the body.

Listen to the advanced version once, with every two listens of the androgen receptor file.

Listen to the advanced file a maximum of twice, daily.

Please DO NOT loop this file.

Shiva Krishnan

Shiva has been a spiritual researcher for over three decades, constantly seeking ancient and modern spiritual knowledge and methodologies. Every bit of knowledge contained within this site has been personally tried and tested.

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