Supernatural Good Looks (Advanced Version)




The advanced version increases the energy output by 1000%, allowing for deeper cellular transformation, for more stubborn changes.

This version uses our subtle delivery system to try and prevent overloading the nervous system.

Listen to this file 2 times each, 2 to 3 times a day. I would advise you cut back on other files if you’re seriously using this for physical changes.

Using this file, you can focus the energies on any particular area of your appearance, by simply speaking those instructions to the energy, as you play this file.

Use this file with the DIY Biokinesis file for added benefits.

Please ensure you increase your intake of fresh water. Dietary changes will also be beneficial.



Shiva Krishnan

Shiva has been a spiritual researcher for over three decades, constantly seeking ancient and modern spiritual knowledge and methodologies. Every bit of knowledge contained within this site has been personally tried and tested.

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