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Shreem Mantra Energised V2.0 (Advanced)




V2.0 maximises energy intelligence levels and is 2.5x more potent and than the V1.0 advanced. 

This version uses a smart delivery system to facilitate the flow of the Shreem vibratory light into each of your major chakras, starting from the Earth chakra situated about 3 feet below your physical feet, all the way up to the Soul Star chakra, situated about 12 inches above your physical head. 

In addition, the advanced protocol conducts an in-depth clearing of your vibration, related to the functioning of this vibration. This means, undoing and removing energetic knots that prevent this vibration from flowing into every part of your being. The energy program will then, re-weave energy back into the cleared spaces, establishing energetic pathways for wealth to flow. 

To enhance the process and effect of this protocol, we suggest, you meditate with the protocol playing, visualising golden energy flowing into each of your major chakras starting off the earth chakra located about 3 feet into the ground below you feet, all the way up to the Soul Star chakra 12 inches above your head. Plus, spend sometime visualising or considering pathways via which this vibration can utilise to facilitate the flow of wealth into your life. 

This last part is very important. Pathways are important for energy to flow easily. Work on creating pathways, or working on pathways that the clearing process presents. 

Then, work on aligning the rest of your life with this energy and your goals.

When using potent energy fields, please increase your intake of fresh water.