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Shadow Self | 3 File Advanced Package




Our Advanced Package comes with three powerful files. 

1) The first is a more potent form of the Youtube version, at 600% the potency and intelligence of the energy field. This version will help establish a stronger conscious connection with the shadow self. 

2) The second file is off a protocol that allows for easier integration of abilities from the shadow self to the physical self. What abilities lie dormant will differ from person to person. Meditate with this file, whilst visualising yourself possessing the abilities you seek. You can speak with the shadow about the abilities you seek. 

Note. Remember that this shadow self is of the character you are in this life. So, it will not possess every ability you might seek. 

3) The last file is the energy field of an advanced technique used by Yogis to connect with and integrate abilities from the Shadow Self of the Soul. This shadow of the soul is different from the shadow self of the character you’re living. 

Utilising this file will fast track ones spiritual growth, and will over time, awaken powerful spiritual abilities. 

The best way to use this file is to sit with your back to a light source. It could be the Sun outside, or a lamp, ceiling light or candle light inside. Basically, any light source that creates for you a shadow of yourself. 

Sit, with the shadow before you. As the file plays, casually gaze at the shadow. You do not need to visualise or do anything else. 

Let the protocol awaken the power of this shadow, and as it happens, integration will happen automatically, including all of the dormant powers and abilities of the Soul. You may meditate after the file has completed. 

It is recommended that all files be played through speakers. 

Playing the files, once per session is more than enough.