Remove Parasites, Implants & Attachments (Advanced)




The Advanced version will detach and remove parasites, implants and attachments from the physical and all subtle bodies, including all of their sub layers.

The advance version comes with two files.

  1. The first is the clearing file. Engage with this file 1 – 3 times a day, for at least 3 days. If you’re facing serious issues in life, try using this file for at least 21 days. Then, use the file once or twice a week or month to ensure your entire vibration remains free of all impurities.
  2. The second file will heal and rebuild all of your subtle bodies. The best way to use this file would be to visualise deep golden energy pouring into your being, seeping into all of the subtle layers of your existence. This is like a spiritual healing balm, helping to heal all of your broken bits.

Please drink plenty of water with these files.

Please also be aware that some might experience detox symptoms, as well as experience strong emotions surfacing. You might feel a void within you, even feel as if someone close to you has died. This will be due to the parasite, implant or attachment, that might’ve been with you for a long time, being removed. The second file will help heal this void within you.

Play both files through speakers.

Shiva Krishnan

Shiva has been a spiritual researcher for over three decades, constantly seeking ancient and modern spiritual knowledge and methodologies. Every bit of knowledge contained within this site has been personally tried and tested.

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