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Release Negative Feelings & Emotions (Advanced)




The advanced version of this protocol, comes with two files.

The first file conducts a deep cellular level clearing of stored negative feelings and emotions, on the physical body, as well as all of the layers of all of your energy bodies. This protocol increases the intelligence and potency to a maximum of about 320% of the Youtube version.

The second file is our advanced protocol for healing old wounds. When we conduct a clearing, we need to always heal and fill in the space we’ve cleared. This protocol will help the user release and heal wounds being held onto, from not only the present life, but also from all past lives. There is no Youtube version for this protocol.

We highly recommend that you meditate with these files, mentally directing the energy into different areas of your body where you feel you have issues.

For the healing of old wounds, you can mentally think about the experience that created the wound in the first place. As the file is playing, think of the experience you’ve had, all the pain you’ve suffered as a result, then, when you are ready, say something along the lines of ‘I release the wounds of this experience’. Then, take a few deep breaths, allowing the energies to do their thing.

Since these are deep clearing protocols, please try and limit your use to a maximum of twice per day. You can listen for as many days as you deem necessary.

Once you feel you have released everything, you can then revisit use for a couple of days every few months, or at least once a year or so. I, personally, conduct a major clearing session for myself every couple of months, during the time of a full moon, or an eclipse.

Please increase your intake of fresh water when using these files, as well as, be mindful of the body’s need for rest, during the clearing process.

Files are to be played through speakers.