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Raise Your Power To Omnipotence (Advanced Program)


This is the full ‘Raise your power to Omnipotence’ program.

Program includes:

  • Spiritual Expansion MP3 Energy File.
  • Advanced Omnipotence MP3 Energy File.


Original Kriya Yoga Practice as offered by Paramahansa Yogananda.

Available for instant download after purchase.



Raise Your Power To Omnipotence (Advanced)

Welcome to the beginning of the new you! Or should I say, the beginning of the realisation of the real you.

Please know, that besides helping yourself, the purchase of this program will be helping people around the world who aren’t able to put food on the table right now. The funds go into my charity account.

So, on behalf of those people, thank you.

Omnipotence is the true power of Source. It represents complete and absolute power.

Not only does it allow you dominion over everything, it also provides you complete access to everything, for without access, one cannot yield power over it.

As you grow in spiritual awareness, you will realise that you are one with the absolute, which is everything.

You may have heard of the saying ‘As above, so below”.  This is a statement made by almost all of the prophets in all of the world’s major religions.

During my meditations, and in my visions, I have been shown what this means.

The ‘above’ refers to our complete and absolute self, which many believe to be their higher self.

However, this isn’t correct. The ‘above’ refers to the absolute Source of all, including the point prior to creation. This is ‘awareness’. This awareness is what the major religions refer to as Source God.

The ‘below’, refers to our existence in the material world, including the material world itself. This is our consciousness.

The simplest explanation will be through the analogy of you standing in front of a mirror.

Awareness, is in your ‘knowing’ that you are the original. And, what you’re looking at is simply an illusion.

The reflection, which I just called an illusion, is consciousness, not awareness.

So, ‘as above, so below’, means that both are one and the same.

At this moment, consciousness leads you to believe you are the body, with a name, of a particular gender, heritage, look, height, colour, etc. This is the illusion.

Eventually, you will pass on, leave this body and merge back into your true self, that is, Source.

The Omnipotence file is designed to raise you beyond the limitations of this illusory self, to merge your consciousness into that of absolute awareness, where you can and will yield absolute power.

The problem we face is that our present form, cannot handle the surge in power that Source yields.

Kriya Yogic masters tell us that it takes one million years (cycles around the sun) of human evolution for our body, mind, brain, and soul, to expand to a level where we are able to not only understand, but yield the power of our true selves – Source.

The Omnipotence file, will expand and increase your power to the level that is the limit capacity of your brain, mind, body and soul.

I have removed limitations that I placed on the original file (Youtube Version), with a few minor safeguards, which your higher self will determine for you.

For those that aren’t familiar with the concept of a higher self, it’s the wiser, more aware version of you.

Note. The safeguard is that your higher self will step in to prevent any major harm to yourself or anyone else. The reason for this is that we don’t want you to add any unnecessary karma, whilst you exist in a spiritually ignorant state. As you grow in awareness, these safeguards too, will be removed automatically.

So, for the time being, what this means is that how much power you will eventually yield depends entirely on you, your higher self, and the speed at which you grow spiritually.

Now, to address the actual problem – how to rapidly increase the capacity of your brain, mind, body and soul?

In this Advanced Omnipotence program, I’ve created a second file – Spiritual Expansion Advanced.

You will use this file in conjunction with the advanced Omnipotence file.

This file, when listened to regularly, will expand the capacity of your body, mind and brain, as well as transform your soul’s consciousness into awareness.

It will:

  • Transform the cells of your body from a carbon based structure, to a light based crystalline structure. Don’t worry, it won’t transform you into an alien being. It’s a common process in spiritual evolution. The best way to understand this in computer lingo. We’re increasing your RAM and processing power.
  • Increase the energy of self. This just means that your vibration will shift to higher levels.
  • Activate rapid spiritual ascension. This happens through the connection of energy centres throughout the body to form advanced yogic mudras. Normally, you would require years of dedicated practice to achieve these poses. We’ll do it through energetic connection. Light will connect these points. When we do this, one, some, or many of the 72,000 meridians in your body activate for short bursts of time. Our normal forms have only a small portion of these meridians awakened. Whilst, Prophets, or World Teachers such as Christ or Krishna had close to the full 72,000 awakened in human form. Which is the reason why they knew of their true selves and could yield true omnipotent power.
  • Awaken all 88,000 chakras and 72,000 meridians. We’ve already spoken about meridians. In addition to those, this program will also begin working on all of your 88,000 chakras. Each one will be cleansed, awakened, and balanced. As these chakras and meridians begin to activate, so too will the dormant spiritual abilities that dwell in them. This will begin to reveal to you your true omnipotent powers.
  • Increase life force. Lastly, life force is what we live and breathe. This file will dramatically increase the life force in and around you. It will feed into all of your cells, organs, thoughts, etc.

In addition to the two advanced energy files, I am also including the original 3 – part Kriya Yoga technique ebook, that has been passed down from master to student in the Kriya Yogic Lineage, beginning from Source, passed down to Babaji Nagaraj, and shared with the world by Paramahansa Yogananda.

It is not necessary for you to practice Kriya yoga to benefit from this advanced energy program, however, I highly encourage you to engage in regular practice, if you truly seek to expand spiritually and yield omnipotent power.