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Kriya Proper / Pranayama Initiation (Advanced)




The advanced file is an entire energy program, 600% the potency of the Youtube version, which facilitates the flow of life force up the spinal column for a full 14 breath cycle, whilst also clearing blockages in the spinal column and energising your chakras. 

The file needs to only be played once for the energy program to run, which will combine with your body’s intelligence with the protocols facilitation of the 14 breath cycle. 

In other words, the file will most likely end before you finish your 14 breath process. Don’t worry about it. The energy program will continue running for as long as it takes you to complete the 14 breath practice. 

When you first listen to the advanced file, you will be initiated into the practice of Kriya Proper through the lineage of Yogis I belong to. 

Initiation means that the energy and blessings of the lineage of Yogis supports you in your journey of practicing Kriya Proper. 

Since the advanced file provides initiation for the practice of Kriya Proper, the file can only be used by the person who purchases it. You cannot share it with family, nor can it be used in group settings.