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Karma Clearing via the Higher Self (Advanced Version)




Full information about the Karma Clearing Protocol via the Higher Self can be found here.

The advanced version will burn off between 5 – 6 months of Karma, in a single listen, as determined by your higher self.

It is recommended that you listen to this file a maximum of twice, at a time, and that you repeat the process once in the morning and once in the evening, resulting in a karmic burn of at least 2 years in a single day.

Please do not exceed this amount for at least the first couple of months of use. This is a powerful spiritual process.

The above time of 5 – 6 months worth of karmic burn has been determined by energy testing this file. These times periods were given as the minimum and maximum burn that could be achieved, using this file, in a 3 minute period.

If you’re using this file, please take it seriously, adding it to your daily spiritual practice.

Drink plenty of water, and rest if the body warrants it.