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Infinite Spiritual Energy (2 File Advanced)




The advanced version of the Infinite Spiritual Energy Protocol, comes with 2 files.

  1. The advanced version of the Infinite Spiritual Energy protocol, which is at minimum, 700% of the Youtube version, in intensity and intelligence. We found that this version reacts in intensity to the person using the protocol.
  2. The second file is the advanced ‘draw energy from surrounds’ protocol. This file allows the spiritual practitioner to draw energy from their surrounds. Play this file 1 – 3 times before or during your spiritual practices, and it will draw energy to you from your surrounds. You can feed this energy into objects, into your visualisations, into yourself, or pretty much anything else you can think of.

File one is raw spiritual energy in its most potent form. We highly recommend regular meditation with it, plus, using the file to feed high vibrational spiritual energy into your environment and items you use.