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Increase Sexual Strength, Vitality & Drive (Advanced)




The advanced version of the ‘Increase Sexual Strength, Vitality, and Drive’ protocol comes with two components.

The first component is the energy fields of the Gayatri Mantra variant and that of the ‘Shreem’, ‘Hreem, and ‘Kleem’. As with all of our advanced mantra energy series protocols, the block of energy is equivalent to 1008x of the vibration output. We’ve also maximised the consciousness level of the energy fields.

The second component establishes an energetic link between the divine masculine and feminine energies that lay dormant at the base of your spine and crown chakras. The energetic connection allows easy access to the blueprint of these two powerful energies. The connection will facilitate the flow of the highest form of sexual energy for expression as you desire, but also, allow the body intelligence to use the blueprint to provide your organs with sexual strength, healing, vitality and drive.

This protocol can be used by all genders.

We recommend using speakers.

We also recommend you use this protocol whilst performing kegels, whilst jelqing (for guys), working the PC muscles, doing slow low bodyweight squats, performing the micro-cosmic orbit, or any other exercise you know of to physically strengthen your sexual organs. The protocol will help to heighten its effects.

Since sexual energy can be intense, we recommend increasing your intake of fresh drinking water.

The intelligence level of the protocol is as high as it can be, so, for advanced practitioners, as always, feel free to engage with the energies to see what else you can achieve with it.