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Heal Plants and Animals (Advanced)




Our advanced version contains 2 separate energy fields. The first is the advanced version of the Youtube version, with its intensity and consciousness maximised at just over 300%. Plants and animals are more sensitive to energy than humans are, hence the intensity is limited to just 300%. 

The second advanced field, in this protocol, is an energy clearing field, which performs an in-depth clearing of the plant(s) or animal(s). This is necessary, in order to remove the stagnant dense energies, before healing can take place. 

We’re also utilising our subtle delivery system, to not bombard the plants or animals with tremendous energy. 

Play this file, once or twice, max, per day, through speakers, around your pet or plants. 

You can also utilise this in your garden or in an environment where your plants exist. I also use this  near my hydroponic system. 

Please be aware, this is an energy healing protocol for plants or animals. If you utilise it for this purpose, please mentally establish an intention for the energy to heal your pet or plants, when the file is played. Specify any particular issue, if one exists.