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Excessive Masturbation Damage Repair (Advanced Version)




The advanced version of the ‘Excessive Masturbation Damage Repair’ file, has been purpose built for those that have engaged in many years of excessive masturbation. This protocol is designed for the energies to penetrate as a deep as possible, healing nerves and nourishing organs, rapidly fast tracking the rejuvenation process.

This version also increases the intelligence of the energies, allowing the user to verbally and mentally engage with the energies to focus on specific areas or issues the user is suffering from.

This version has an added ability to allow the body’s intelligence to absorb nutrients it requires, directly from cosmic energy. The purpose is to help the body rapidly restore the body’s depleted resources.

You may listen to this file 2 -3 times maximum. Please do not loop this file. You must allow the body time to heal. Blasting it with excessive energy is not going to increase the speed at which it heals.