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Boost HGH Production Naturally (Advanced Version)




This advanced version comes with 2 files:

  1. Advanced version with music.
  2. 11 minute silent version.

The advanced version increases the power output of the intelligence of the energy field. This increases the consciousness of the energy field by about 500%.

Both files are built quite potent, so listen to the music version a maximum of twice daily, and if you’re using the silent version, listen to it just once. The silent version is ideally used to fall asleep to.

Please Note. All of our advanced versions are developed differently to the Youtube versions. They don’t increase raw energy, instead, they increase the power level, and intelligence of the energy fields. This way, we deliver more effectiveness, providing the user more conscious control of the energy. The advanced versions are for those that require something a lot stronger than the Youtube versions, and who know what they are doing.  Please do not abuse the use of any of the files.

Do NOT loop, stack or bundle these files.