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Awaken Extreme Drive (Advanced)




Our advanced version is a combination of many protocols, starting with maximising the Youtube version by 400% of intensity and intelligence.

We’ve added a Subconscious energy program that will dissolve the subconscious resistance, and help you establish new programs that support your new way of life. You will do this through your visuals and imagination. You do not need to visualise with clarity. Day dream if need be. The focus is more important here.

There is a clearing protocol that will flush your entire vibration of energy that creates resistance within you, especially on a cellular level. You can utilise this aspect of this energy program, clearing things that you know are causing the depletion of your drive. Simply create a list and ask the energy to dissolve or remove the cause of your resistance.

We’ve added a protocol balancing the planetary of Mars in your entire vibration. Some people have a debilitated Mars, which results in a lack of the necessary martian energy for drive to be established in their lives. This will help create balance in this regard.

There are an additional 6 protocols, which we feel are required to provide balance and resources that will help you to awaken extreme drive within your vibration. These are 6 protocols that were present in each person during our energy mapping process.

We recommend meditating with the advanced version 2 – 3 times, maximum a day, imagining golden orbs absorbing into your body and energising both yourself and your goals.

We recommend the use of speakers and consuming lots of water.

Please you combine the use of this protocol with actual action!