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Attract Soul Mate Love (Advanced)




The advanced version of this protocol, enhances the potency of the energy field that emits outwardly from you, by 1200%. 

In addition, this version allows you to harness and transmit the love you have to give, in your heart, to your soul mates. 

You do this, by first meditating, focusing on your heart centre, whilst thinking about the love you have within you. The love that desires to be expressed to another soul. Feel this love building in your heart centre. When ready, turn on the file, absorb the energies, then, visualise white light emitting from you, moving outwardly, in all directions, covering the entire world. 

Then, know that when ready, your soul mate(s), will find you. 

The advanced file also helps to unwind and remove all unnecessary resistance in your path to uniting. There are limits to this, as determined by your individual souls. Over-listing, is not a benefit in this regard. Please follow the recommendation below.

It is recommended that you use this file once every day, for 3, 9 or 21 days. Then, do so once a week/month or so, until you meet the right person.

In the meantime, work on being ready yourself.