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A Rapid Shot of Life Force (Advanced Version)




This advanced version increases the consciousness and power of the block of life force energy contained in this file, to as far as I could push it, without impacting on your nervous system.

This protocol is not so much a continuous energy field, but an activation of a block of cosmic energy in your space.

This file uses our subtle delivery system to limit the force of energy experienced in one go.

The subtle delivery system is like an energy shield or filter, that slows down the delivery process to a comfortable level.

This file can be used to infuse life force into any object. Simply place the object in-front of, or near the speakers, and hit play.

If you’re using it on yourself, you can use headphones.

Some uses include, energising water and food, infusing more life force into plants or someone that is ill. I use it to infuse more life force into my living spaces, especially my home office that has a number of computers.

Playing this file once is enough, however, I am going to leave it up to you on how many times you’d like to use it. Remember, the energy is intelligent, so, more doesn’t necessarily mean better.