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Healing Frequencies

POTENT Sexual Attraction – Om Kroom Lingaya Om Mantra Energised 108x

The vibrations of this powerful mantra combines the energies of the spiritual, physical and sexual, creating a powerful sexual force that flows through your mind, body and being, establishing an explosive attraction force. 

This file replicates the energy output of the mantra ‘Om Kroom Lingaya Om’ 108x in just 4 minutes. 

The Kroom vibration represents the reproductive life force necessary for our reproductive organs to maintain vitality. It also powerfully charges our sacral chakra. 

Lingaya represents the divine sexual force that resides within the body. 

When vibrated together, they form a powerful sexual force. 

Sexual energy is a deep transformative force. It will bring unity between the divine masculine and divine feminine forces that create the universe, within us. 

This file will not only transform your physical attractiveness, it will also heighten all of your other inherent qualities that will enhance your sexual attractiveness to others.

You will also begin to feel like a sexual being, sensual and attractive. 

This file will also enhance your other inherent qualities that others have not noticed before. 

It will charge your aura with powerful sexual magnetism, and a desirability you, yourself have never known before. 

To further enhance effects, listen to this file sitting comfortably, eyes closed, focusing on your root chakra and genitalia. Feel the surge of sexual energy in this region. 

Use this power to your advantage and begin looking after yourself. Get in shape, dress well, groom yourself, and smell good, etc. 

There is an advanced version that replicates the energy output of this mantra equivalent to 1008x. So, if you’re feeling the energy of the free version, you’re going to love the advanced version. 

There is no gender bias in the power of this file. Anyone can use it. 

You can use this file, with or without, headphones. 

As always, these files are built potent. So, moderation is advised. Begin by listening a few times, and if your body can handle the energies, you may listen a few more times. 

If you feel overwhelmed by the energies, stand bare foot on grass and ground yourself. 

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