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Healing Frequencies

Overcome Life Long Premature Ejaculation – Energy Healing Protocol

Premature ejaculation is a male sexual dysfunction where a man is unable to control ejaculation, usually, within 2 minutes of penetration. 

There are two classifications of P.E – acquired and lifelong. 

We’re all familiar with the first one – Acquired Premature Ejaculation. 

Acquired, or secondary P.E, usually occurs after a period of normal sexual functioning and experiences. All men, at some stage in their lives, will experience acquired P.E. 

This can be due to psychological reasons, bad experiences, abnormal hormone levels, stress, reactions to medication or drug abuse, inflammation or infections of the urethra, excessive masturbation, porn addition, etc. 

Lifelong or Primary P.E, however, is a dysfunction that begins from the first sexual experience and continues on throughout a persons life, regardless of any psychological or biological reasonings. 

In severe cases, ejaculation can happen prior to penetration. 

There are various forms of treatment for acquired P.E, however, there are none worthy of mentioning for Lifelong P.E sufferers. 

Until now!

This protocol has been designed to help men, who quietly suffer from lifelong premature ejaculation, to rapidly overcome this condition. 

This file will help to restore full sexual functioning, by energetically restoring the full sexual function in men. 

This is like rebuilding a complete engine, and re-coding the software that runs it, completely from scratch. This prevents us from having to find the scientific reason why this problem is occurring in each individual sufferer. 

For those that are suffering from acquired P.E, you may use this file, or use the ‘Heal all sexual and fertility issues’ file. 

For Lifelong P.E sufferers, use this file 2 times in the morning and 2 times in the evenings, daily.

You may listen, with or without headphones.

If your case is severe, I highly recommend the advanced version

It will help if you try and refrain from sexual activity for about 7 to 21 days. It will give the energies and the body time to undergo the healing process. 

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