Make Natal Planets Favourable

This protocol works with the individual intelligence of the nine heavenly bodies taken into consideration in Vedic Astrology, to lighten the load of karmic implications upon your life, as determined by planetary placements in your natal chart.

The body of knowledge that is the study of astrology is quite large and somewhat complex, so I will try not to go into too much detail. 

In short, the location of planets and zodiacs, in the sky, at the exact time of our birth, holds intimate insight into our past, present and future. 

These placements vibrationally match our karma and the purpose for our present birth. 

Where the planets are placed in our individual natal charts, determine the areas of our lives, where the bulk of karma, or lessons / experiences, lie, for this lifetime. 

As the planets transit through various zodiacs, throughout the course of our lives, they light up different houses, or areas of our lives, and If we have any planets sitting in those particular houses in our natal charts, the karma held there, is released or activated. 

This will then result in us experiencing whatever lesson(s) we’re meant to undergo.

The nature and severity of our lessons / experiences is determined by the zodiac and the state in which the planets sit in our natal charts, i.e, benefic, neutral, exalted, debilitated, retrograde or malefic. 

When the planet’s status is exalted, debilitated, in retrograde or malefic, it is referred to as being in a special state. In other words, it tells us that significant karma resides there.

The image below will provide you with an idea of some of the areas of our lives the individual houses influence. 

Here is a visual representation of a typical natal chart in Vedic Astrology. 

Here, we see the 12 houses, the 12 zodiacs that influence these houses, and the placement of the 9 major planetary players, at the exact moment of this individual’s birth. 

This diagram represents the entire vibration of the individual, which can reveal everything about them, including their thoughts and feelings – past, present and future. 

Have you ever wondered why some people easily achieve some things in life, and struggle in other areas? 

It comes down to the placement of these planets and zodiacs, and the areas of your life they control. 

For example, if you have a malefic planet placed in your 6th house, and this energy is activated, you may find the emergence of a health issue. What the health issue is will depend on the planet, zodiac and links to other houses in your chart. 

By analysing further, we can determine if you will find a cure easily, or will it cause you to struggle for a length of time.

Further, just like planets have their own personalities, so to do zodiacs. 

Have a look at the image below:

If, in the example above, the zodiac sitting in the 6th house is a ‘movable’ sign, then the person will easily be able to find a cure and heal themselves. 

If, instead, a fixed zodiac occupies the 6th house, this person will struggle to heal themselves. 

Another example would be your use of subliminals, morphic fields, programmed energy or energy fields. If, for example, you’re using the ‘Supernatural Good Looks’ file, seeking physical changes to your appearance, If you have a movable zodiac sitting in the 1st house of your natal chart, which holds influence over your physical body and appearance, then, you will find that physical changes happen easily and rapidly for you. 

If, instead, you have a fixed zodiac occupying the 1st house, then, even with the use of these files, your results will be slow, with changes occurring over a longer period of time. 

This won’t completely deny you changes, but will require great effort on your part. 

Why? Because this is the karmic experience that your soul has determined, you must have. 

So, how does this protocol help? 

This protocol, utilises the vibration of each of the nine planets, to make favourable their influence in your life, by making favourable, their influence in the houses they occupy in your natal chart. 

This includes influencing the zodiacs. 

This will work to loosen the grip the planets and zodiacs have, to allow you to make changes to areas of your life, that you previously struggled with. 

Note. It is important to understand that the purpose of the planets and the zodiacs are to help unfold experiences you have chosen to have in this life. One shouldn’t work towards wiping that out completely, especially, if this is something the soul wants to experience. 

We’re utilising a different approach in producing this protocol. This is not a mantra energised, but instead, we are replicating the energy output of a ‘Homa’ – a Vedic fire ritual – performed by our Vedic Priest, specifically for the purpose of pacifying and making favourable, the energetic influence of the planets upon our lives. 

The Youtube version is the complete energy output of the fire ritual focused on all nine planets together. 

The Advanced version is the complete energy output of nine separate fire rituals, one for each of the planets. 

Please note, that anyone of any religious background or beliefs can use this file. This is the energy output, not the fire ritual itself. 

This file is best used, twice every day. Once, early in the morning as you awaken, and once before you go to bed at night. You can use this file with or without headphones.

If you are familiar with astrology, and are aware of the planets that are causing issues in your life, you can communicate with the planets intelligence directly, whilst the file is playing. Ask it for help and guidance. Both, verbally or mentally, is fine. 

Listening twice a day is more than enough. 

Please Note. We cannot offer astrological readings for anyone right now, nor will we respond to emails requesting what planets and zodiacs reside in which house for you. We will make available astrological reports in the coming months. 

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