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Maha Mantra
Spiritual Techniques

Maha Mantra Energised 108x

The vibration of the Maha Mantra is one of the most powerful forces in all of creation. From an energy view point, this vibration has an unlimited number of layers to it. 

Just seeing the energy alone, is awe inspiring. It is an energy the true spiritual seeker, would want to lose themselves in. 

Some of you maybe familiar with the Maha Mantra. There are a couple of variations to it. 

Here Rama, Here Rama, Rama, Rama, Here, Here…

Here Krsna, Here Krsna, Krsna, Krsna, Here, Here. 

Please Note. I’ve written the mantra in the original Sanskrit spelling, and also how the spelling would be, if we looked at the proper phonetic pronunciation. Also, this is the correct mantra. ISKON does promote the reverse of the paragraphs. You can use either versions, however, this version is the correct vibration in regards to the purpose of this mantra. The energy signatures of both, are the same. 

If you want to chant the mantra yourself, you can chant it as below:

Hare Ram, Hare Ram, Ram, Ram, Hare, Hare. 

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Hare, Hare. 

The vibration is beyond human level religion, plus, this is the vibratory output of the mantra, so, anyone, of any faith, can use and benefit from this energy. 

This vibration of the Maha Mantra has many benefits to it. Here is a partial list:

  • Purifies the heart and mind. 
  • Connects the consciousness of the soul to that of the divine super soul. 
  • Brings enlightenment. 
  • Dramatically raises divine consciousness into everything you do in life. 
  • Fills a person, space, animal, plant matter, etc, with joy, happiness, bliss. 
  • Dramatically reduces our karmic suffering. 
  • Has the potential to help one achieve liberation. (Normally, it takes multiple lifetimes, however, this one mantra can help you achieve it in a single life time).
  • Dramatically reduces or nullifies the negative influence of the Kali Yuga.
  • Connects one directly with the awareness of Source. 
  • Can help one detach from the influences of Maya – the Illusion. 

This vibration will help you in all areas of your life. Its purpose is to elevate you, in all the dimensions of your existence, including any other existence your soul is living, in the multi-verse. 

This energy exists both within the illusion, and also, outside of it. 

Please be aware, that the potential this vibration provides, is limitless. As a spiritual seeker, you are completely free to explore this vibration in its entirety. 

For those new to our channel, this protocol is the energy output when the mantra is properly vibrated. The block of energy in our Youtube version is energy equivalent to 108 repetitions of the Maha mantra. 

Our Advanced version is the energy equivalent to 1111 repetitions of the Maha Mantra. During production, we aimed at 1008x, however, whilst energy testing, it seems to be at 1111. This is how the divine play happens. 

The best way to use this beautiful energy, is to meditate with it. You can use it for pretty much any purpose. From needing guidance in life, for healing, to seeking refuge in the divine, to meditating with it for liberation. 

Play using speakers, allowing the energy to penetrate your entire vibration and your surrounds. 

It is a high level vibration. 

Side note for those of you chanting 16 rounds of the mantra daily. For your purpose the mantra requires self effort, hence, the actual chanting of the mantra is more important than the 16 rounds. This karmic aspect is part of your practice. 

You can still use this vibration to meditate, and to achieve other things, however, don’t use this energy as counting towards your 16 rounds. This protocol will naturally enhance your practice. 

Stay Blessed!

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