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Healing Frequencies

Love, Harmony, Beauty and Sensuality MP3

Our external world is always a perfect reflection of our inner state.

If we don’t love ourselves, we won’t find true love in our outwardly life.

This audio formulation is designed to evoke:

  • Self love.
  • Self acceptance.
  • Harmony in your thoughts and feelings about oneself.
  • The realisation of your own beauty and sensuality.
  • The realisation of beauty in your life and your surrounds.
  • A new found love for life.

As you listen to this file, you will find dramatic changes begin to take shape in your external world.

Some of the feedback we’ve received, include:

  • Awareness of self power and the ability to create the life you desire lies within.
  • Appreciating all the amazing things that exist in your life, including family and friends.
  • Beginning to love your home and possessions.
  • Loving and respecting your body.
  • We’ve even heard of reports of losing weight and getting in-shape, including more desire to workout.
  • People beginning to behave differently around them – more loving and respectful.

Every individual is beautiful in their own way. Use this free audio file to realise your own beauty.

The more you begin to realise and appreciate the love and beauty within you, you will notice that you begin to attract more love, beauty, respect and luxuries into your life.

When you realise how amazing you are, so will everyone else.

Increase your consumption of water when listening to energy files.

File includes scalar waves, so you may listen with or without headphones.

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