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Spiritual Techniques

Karma Clearing via the Higher Self (MP3 Included)

This Karma clearing protocol has been built in-conjunction with the concept of the existence of a higher conscious presence of the self – the higher self. 

This protocol will work directly with the higher self to burn off all karmas that are determined as unnecessary by the higher self. 

In addition, Karmas that the higher self determines to be an unnecessary part of your present existence, i.e, your Prarabdha Karma, will be energetically performed, without your need to undergo the experience in the physical form. This means that your soul will perform this experience in the higher energetic realms, where there is no existence of space or time. This is a rapid way of burning off karma. 

Yes, there are other ways of burning karma. We’re employing this method in this protocol. 

Some of you may experience vivid dreams as a result of this process. If you don’t, it doesn’t matter, your karmas are still being burnt off. 

For anyone wanting to learn more about ‘Karma’ and the types of karma that we accumulate, you can read this article: https://spiritualityzone.com/the-four-types-of-karma/.

What does ‘burning off’ karma mean? 

Karma is the magnetic charge that reacts within us, and that which we react to in others. 

The planets regulate this charge, through placements in our natal charts, and through their transits. 

By burning off, I’m talking about ‘discharging’ the magnetic charge.

When the discharge happens, we no longer react, nor respond to planetary influence. 

This protocol comes in two versions – Youtube and Advanced. 

The Youtube version played a single time, will burn off between 2 – 3 weeks of karma. I know that many will want to loop this file, so this file uses a subtle delivery system, so as to not overwhelm the nervous system.

I recommend that you listen 2 – 3 times in the mornings and evenings. This way, you will be burning off between 6 weeks to 9 weeks in any given session. 

If you do loop this file, try not to overdo it, as the karma burn process can cause physical tiredness. 

The advanced version played once, will burn off between 5 – 6 months of karma in a 3 minute time frame. 

I recommend listening to this file, at least twice in the morning, and twice at night. This version also has an inbuilt clearing function, which will try and remove any physical burden on the body. 

Following the above instructions, will burn off at least 2 years worth of karma in a single day (Listening to the advanced file 2x, twice a day).

The literature of the great Kriya Yoga practitioner of our time, Paramahansa Yogananda, outlines that human evolution towards full realisation of self – Source realisation, takes about 1 million years, or 1 million revolutions around the Sun. 

Each revolution around the Sun, results in tremendous spiritual development, including the transformation of the physical brain, which allows us to experience more of the spiritual, in a material sense. 

Through the use of these files, you will be able to fast track your spiritual evolution, without having to wait for the Earth to complete it’s cycle around the Sun. 

It is advised that you take this protocol seriously, and use them as part of your daily spiritual practice.

Any form of spiritual practice, including Yoga, meditation, chanting, etc, will compliment the use of these files.

Please note. The clearing period given have been energy tested by myself. The time frame will differ from person to person, and will be determined by the higher self. The time frames I have given outline the minimum and maximum burn in a single listen.

Listening to these files will increase your spiritual evolution, so, the physical may detox at an equal speed. Hence, looking after your health, and the drinking of plenty of fresh water, is advised. 

The Advanced Version is available in the store for immediate download.

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