Iron Deficiency – Naturally Boost Iron Levels MP3

This formulation uses multiple energy protocols and base Rife frequency of 416hz to boost iron levels in your body. 

It works to bypass the absorption problems you may presently have, which may be preventing supplemental iron from being absorbed. 

The energy program is designed to raise hematocrit, hemoglobin and ferritin levels, as well as increase vitamin C to aid in the absorption of supplemental Iron.

Use this file ‘IN-CONJUNCTION’ with your supplemental regime as advised by a medical professional. 

You may begin to feel alertness almost immediately, however, it will take 1 – 6 months for iron levels to stabilize in the body.

Please use ‘headphones’ with this formulation to take advantage of added technologies. 

Remember to drink a glass of water anytime you do energy work on yourself.

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