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Spiritual Techniques

Ho’oponopono Energised | Love | Forgiveness | Gratitude

Ho’oponopono, is a native Hawaiian practice for restoring inner balance. It is a process via which to ‘make right’ any situation that has caused disharmony in your vibration, both internal and external. 

Through this practice, one can facilitate acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude and love, with other people, and also with oneself. 

The practice involves repeating the statement “I love you, I forgive you, please forgive me, thank you”. 

You may have come across variations of this, however, the main focus is on the vibrations evoked. 

Within this one statement, we’re evoking the vibrations of love, forgiveness, and gratitude. 

It may sound simple, however, the practice can yield tremendous inner and outer transformation.

It is known to bring into balance, the most stubborn of situations, including some of the following:

  • Balancing the energies of the body and mind. 
  • Releasing inner guilt.
  • The healing of physical illnesses.
  • Restoring broken bonds and relationships. 
  • Providing freedom from life long trauma.
  • Providing freedom from traumatic memories. 
  • Resolving incomplete karma.
  • Subconscious block removal, etc.

I initially came across ho’oponopono in my travels in Nepal. I was at Kopan Monastery, in a two week spiritual retreat. It is here where I met a Hawaiian man, who had renounced his material life, and had come to this monastery to become a monk. 

During this 2 week period, he was running 5am meditation sessions, in which he would introduce participants to not only the ho’oponopono practice, but also different ways of using this powerful energetic process. 

He would explain that the main purpose of ho’oponopono is to cause the shifting of energies. And if done with proper intent, this technique can cause energetic shifts beyond space and time. 

By this I mean, that one can use this simple technique to resolve conflict with any event, person, environment, thought, feeling, and experience from your past, present, or the future. I will explain a little more about this later. 

Also, this technique can be used to resolve conflict with any person, living of dead, without their physical presence or conscious awareness. 

I hope you’re starting to realise how powerful this can be.

Before I explain the methodology of using this technique, let me first introduce you to the Spirituality Zone Ho’oponopono Protocol. 

This protocol evokes the vibrations of love, forgiveness (for self and others), and also gratitude. We’re literally using the energy signatures of each one. It’s primary purpose is to balance all three within your vibration, as well as, to resolve any situation you address whilst the file is being played. 

In short, it energises the ho’oponopono statement, and automates the entire process. 

Now back to the methodologies of use. 

1) Ho’oponopono meditation to bring about inner balance. 

The simplest way to use this file is to meditate with it, and allow the energies to perform an inner healing process. It will seek out and release any energetic knots in your vibration. This includes inner conflict, and also conflict with others. 

If there is a particular issue you’re dealing with, you can contemplate it whilst this file is playing and the energies will flow into the issue and bring about resolution. 

2) Ho’oponopono to resolve issues with others. 

This little technique is ideal to work out and resolve conflict that you may have with any person, living or not.

This includes friendships, family, colleagues, and romantic relationships.

Utilising this technique with persons that have passed away, won’t bring them back, but will allow you to speak your peace and release energies that you’re holding onto. It will heal karma that you hold with them, so as to prevent this issue playing out in a future birth. 

Sit quietly, take a few deep slow breaths to calm the body and mind. Then, call upon the mind, body and soul of the person, with whom you would like to resolve issues. 

Repeat the words:

“I call upon the mind, body, and soul of _______________”.

State the name of the person in the empty space above. 

Repeat this statement a total of 3 times. 

Then, press play on the device you’re playing this file on. 

Take a deep breath, then start speaking your peace. This can be anything from your regrets, to what you’re not happy about, to things this person or persons would have done that upset you. 

Do not hold back. Even if you need to swear, do so! It is all part of the healing process. 

Once done, finish with the words: 

“I love you, I forgive you, please forgive me, thank you”. 

Continue playing this file until you feel a sense of relief. If need be, play it a few times.

Once done, get up and go about your day. 

Note. Using this technique, you can call upon just one person, or an entire group of people, including entire families, or corporations, etc. 

In place of the name of the person, state the the name of the company, or if its to do with your family, state the surname of the entire family, or if it’s to do with your siblings, parents, ex’s, etc, just say “my parents”, “my exes”, or “my siblings”. 

If you’re having trouble wording it, you can always shoot me an email and explain what you’re trying to achieve and I’ll help you draft the statement.

3) Ho’oponopono to resolve issues with entire events.

It is possible to use this technique to resolve issues with any event (past, present or future), or even an entire segment of your life. 

For example, for those that have had a bad childhood, you can use the following statement:

“I call upon the energy mind, energy body and essence of my entire childhood, from the moment of birth, to the day I turned 18”. 

If it is the period of time in which you were dating a particular person, or married to someone, you may use a similar statement to the one below:

“I call upon the energy mind, energy body and essence of my entire relationship with_______”.

The uses for this technique is unlimited. 

Regarding future events, I personally use it for any events I am planning to have with groups of people, including family and friends, or my travels around the world. 

I call upon the entire energy body of the ‘family get together’, or entire energy body of the holiday I am going on from date X, to date Y. 

What I am doing here is resolving energetic issues that is destined to occur in a future moment, including the potential for accidents to occur. 

Ho’oponopono is a healing process, so there is potential for the body to undergo a detoxing. So, please remember to drink plenty of water after your ho’oponopono sessions. 

You may use this file to perform ho’oponopono sessions for any issues, on a daily basis, until you feel a sense of relief. 

There is no advanced version for this file, as extra energy is not required. 

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