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Hanuman Chalisa: 21 Benefits of the 40 Verse Sacred Poem (Stotra), including Hanuman Chalisa Energised 108x MP3

The Hanuman Chalisa, is a divine poem dedicated to the life and times of the great devotee of Lord Ram (an incarnation of Source), the hero of the time period of Treta Yuga – Lord Hanuman.

It was authored by the great saint, Tulsidas, said to be the reincarnated saint Valmiki. 

It is believed that reciting or listening to the 40 verses, evokes the infinite blessings of Lord Hanuman, and with those blessings, comes many benefits.

The Secret of the Hanuman Chalisa

The word ‘Chalisa’ means 40, and so contained within each of the 40 verses, lie inherent blessings that can completely, and rapidly, transform all areas of the life of any person, who so happens to recite or listen to, all or any, verses of the Hanuman Chalisa. 

These blessings, range from protection, to attaining fame, wealth, great health, overcoming adversity, to rendering something previously unattainable, to now being easily attained. 

Here are 21 Benefits from the energy of the Hanuman Chalisa, and the use of this energy enhanced MP3 file.

1) Removes or dissolves karma

Karma is the reason for all of the experiences in our lives – the good, the bad, and the unnecessary. 

The Hanuman Chalisa, and this file, will rapidly burn ‘Prarabdha Karma’, which is the reason for this particular birth, and all of this life’s lessons, by transcending them. 

By listening to this file, one will rapidly dissolve all causes of negative experiences in life, including preventing accidents, illnesses, and unnecessary interactions, that would have been karmically charged. 

Those that have planets in the 6th house of their natal charts, will benefit immensely from this file. 

2) Removes hardships in life 

The Hanuman chalisa, and this file, will free one from suffering hardships in their lives. It will provide avenues for one to free themselves from the causes of all suffering. 

You will feel a relief come over you. a sense of peace and serenity, and a knowing that all will ultimately be okay. 

By simply listening to this file, you will find that solutions to all of your problems, present themselves at great speed. 

It is widely believed, and personally experienced by myself, that in any event, when the Hanuman Chalisa is played, Lord Hanuman, himself, appears to bless you and take away your suffering himself. 

You may feel a warmth, comfort, and a sense of confidence envelope you. This is the moment when the blessings come forth. 

3) Grants wisdom and tremendous strength

Listening to the Hanuman Chalisa, or to this file, will grant one an expanse of wisdom, and great inner strength to overcome any and all experiences one will face in life. 

You will find a sense of ‘knowing’ become a part of you. This knowing is the inner wisdom blossoming. 

You will begin to understand the spiritual reasons for everything that occurs, in life, and in the universe. 

One can dispel fear instantly, by simply listening to the Hanuman Chalisa, just once. Listening 108 or 1008 times, instills within, an inner strength that is unrivaled by any other. 

4) Blesses one with divine knowledge

One will be blessed with a rapid expansion of awareness, spiritual capacity, and knowing of the divine truth. 

In time, you will come to know Source, in it’s true form, and be able to understand it completely. 

5) Removes bad company, bad habits and addictions 

This energy will remove bad company, and people who have negative impact or negative intent in your life. 

It will protect you from all that seek to harm or hurt you. 

It will also help to easily overcome bad habits and addictions.

For those that struggle with alcohol or smoking addictions, you will find that you’re able to easily let go of the habit, without any significant withdrawal symptoms.

6) Removes misunderstanding between loved ones and acquaintances alike

The text speaks of misunderstanding between siblings, however, I’ve found that the Hanuman Chalisa dissolves misunderstanding with anyone and everyone in your life. 

The aim is peace, understanding and the knowing of why everything happens. You will find that you begin to understand human psychology with greater clarity. 

7) Helps to attain fame

The Hanuman Chalisa goes beyond just spiritual blessings. It can also bless one with fame, resources, wealth and the fulfillment of all desires. 

You will find that like vibrational people, will begin to be magnetically drawn to you. 

If you need help, answers, or solutions, the right people will find you, at the right time. 

8) Re-establishes lost status 

If you feel beaten down, feel as if you’ve been overlooked and neglected in life, the Hanuman chalisa will rapidly rejuvenate every aspect of your life, and restore your status and position. 

This is especially so, for those that are going through, or have undergone, a particularly rough astrological time period (Maha Dasha).

You will also quickly discover your true purpose in life.

And for those that lack drive in their lives, listening to this file each morning will ignite a new drive to achieve anything you set your mind to. 

9) Helps one to attain desired position in life

The Hanuman Chalisa fast tracks the fulfillment of any and all desires, and will make obtaining any goal, even those that are seemingly impossible, not only possible, but probable. 

Just by listening to this file daily, you can obtain any position in life that you seek. If there is a particular job you want, you can achieve it. 

Let’s just say, that any goal you set yourself, you will be able to easily achieve, with the power of the Hanuman Chalisa, and this file. 

10) Helps to attain promotions in at work 

If you’re seeking a promotion at work, or recognition, or even applying for a new position, listening to the Hanuman Chalisa, can and will, help you obtain it. 

Play this file with your resume in front of it, or with the digital copy open, to allow for the energies of the Hanuman Chalisa to absorb into it. 

Whilst the file is being played, in your own words, say a little prayer, ask for help in fulfilling your desire to be selected for the position or promotion. 

11) Greatest remover of obstacles. Helps to accomplish the greatest of tasks

Ganesh in Hinduism, a.k.a, Vinayaka in Buddhism, is well known for being the remover of obstacles. 

However, did you know that listening to the Hanuman Chalisa can also remove the most stubborn of obstacles, not only in our physical lives, but also subconscious level resistance. 

It is believed that anyone with minor issues, should recite or listen to the Hanuman chalisa 1, 3, 5, 9 or 11 times. 

Anyone with more serious issues, should recite or listen to the Hanuman Chalisa 108 times (which, you can achieve just by listening to this file once, in just 4 minutes).

And, anyone who wants to make serious headway into any difficult situation, should recite or listen to the Hanuman Chalisa 1008 times (available in the advanced version 1008x).

12) Protection from malefic influences of Saturn, Mars and the Nodes of the Moon

The greatest astrological reasons for suffering or blocked paths, result from a badly placed Saturn or Mars in ones natal charts, or a rough transit of Saturn or Mars, plus the malefic influences of the two nodes of the Moon.

Listening to this file will alleviate the malefic effects of Saturn and Mars, and control the negative effects of the North and South Nodes.

Additionally, anyone with a weak Sun in their natal charts, will find their Sun rapidly strengthens, just by listening to this file daily. 

It is advised that one listen to this file, at least once, every morning and every evening, however, for those that are suffering from an affliction of Mars, you should make it a point to listen to this file a few times every Tuesday.

And those suffering from an affliction of Saturn, to ensure you listen to this file a few times every Saturdays. 

These two days are attributed to Mars and Saturn, respectively. 

13) Will drive away negative and evil entities

Lord Hanuman is the form of the divine that dispels all negative and evil beings.

It is believed that no evil entity can remain in the space where the Hanuman Chalisa is being played. 

By simply playing this file in your space, you can clear the space, and all objects within, of all negative energies, and all negative entities. 

If you suffer from nightmares, play this file, just once, and go back to sleep. It will not only clear those energies, but will also protect you whilst you sleep. 

14) Provides relief from difficulties

As mentioned above, just by listening to the Hanuman Chalisa, all difficulties can not only be overcome, but can easily be removed. 

I have personally found that whenever I use the power of the Hanuman Chalisa, whatever seemed difficult at the time, doesn’t even warrant a second thought anymore. 

15)  Helps to achieve and maintain good health

The Hanuman Chalisa is also known to physically heal the human body and mind of all illnesses.

One can simply play this next to the ill person, or place a glass of water in front of the speakers whilst this file is being played, then offer this water to the ill person to drink.

Combine this file with the ‘When Nothing Else Works’ file for best results. 

16) Brings the desires in one’s heart to fruition

Most people spend their entire lives desiring things, but never able to attain them. 

The Hanuman Chalisa is a divine gift to humanity that can easily make your desires a living reality.

By listening to this file daily, you will find that avenues to achieve all that you desire, automatically begin to present themselves. 

Eventually, you will find it difficult to not achieve something with ease. 

17) Guarantees ones victory over enemies and those who bring you harm

Lord Hanuman, represents the form of the divine incarnate, that can overcome any adversity with great ease. 

Anyone who listens to this file daily or regularly, will find that victory, in any regard, is easily obtained. If you’re in the right, everything will always work out in your favor. 

If anyone attempts to bring you harm, this will protect you. 

18) Provides wealth

The Hanuman Chalisa, no only blesses the listener with tremendous spiritual blessings and protection, it can also provide one with wealth and luxuries in life. 

Achieving wealth will become much easier. 

19) Bestows occult powers and abilities

The Hanuman Chalisa is known to rapidly raise the vibration of anyone who meditates upon it, and in the process, activates various spiritual abilities that line our spinal column.

You will gain in spiritual and occult abilities. 

20) Clears the mind and establishes mental peace

The Hanuman chalisa has a profound impact on both our conscious and subconscious minds. 

Regularly listening, will not only bless you with strength of mind, but also control the unnecessary chatter of random thoughts. 

Whilst meditating, with this file playing in the background, you will discover what true mental peace is. 

21) Helps one to maintain good ethics and achieve a fulfilling life 

Adherence to a code of ethics, is what determines good character, which leads to self respect, and ultimately, substance. 

The Hanuman Chalisa will automatically bless you with a knowing of what is right and what is wrong, and will also help you determine what is karmically correct. 

The Spirituality Zone Hanuman Chalisa – Energised 108x MP3

This file takes the energy signature of the Hanuman Chalisa, then replicates the energy output equivalent of 108 recitations in just 4 minutes. 

It would normally take someone reciting the equivalent of 108 repetitions, close to 4 hours to achieve. 

Listen to this file, at least once daily, for a period of 40 straight days, to experience the miracles, that the power of this divine poem can deliver.

Use it during meditation, by focusing upon the crown chakra.

Hanuman Chalisa Advanced File – Energy Equivalent 1008x MP3

The advanced version takes the energy signature of the Hanuman Chalisa, and replicated an energy output equivalent of 1008 recitations in just 4 minutes. Available for immediate download from our store

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