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Spiritual Techniques

Divine Feminine Wealth Vibration

When we think of the wealth vibration of the divine feminine, we tend to think of the various forms the Goddess of Wealth takes, or the various mantric vibrations associated with her. 

There are so many forms and levels of the divine feminine, that it would take an eternity to discover and experience each one. 

This particular vibration is one that is a lot higher in vibration than that of the mantra Shreem. 

In visualisation, the energy looks like sparks of light. It’s a fairly subtle energy, but also intensely powerful. 

This is a protocol that can help one grow immensely wealthy, over time. 

Due to the subtleness of the energy, we’ve created a 10 minute file, which will allow you to experience the energy for longer, without being overwhelmed. 

We recommend you first sit and create a list of the ‘true’ wealth you desire in your life. Something realistic. 

Like owning a comfortable home, having a nice car, always having wealth for food, security in terms of savings, investment properties, business class travel, etc.

Imagine the life you want to live. Think about ways in which this can all come to pass. 

Note. Yes, wealth does mean more than money or assets, however, this vibration seems to be more inclined towards wealth of this kind. 

Then, when you play this file, through speakers, sit and speak to the vibration of the divine feminine, asking the divine mother, for blessings to fulfil all of your desires for wealth. 

Side Note. I tend to receive a lot of emails and comments asking if they need to do this each time or can they just do it once and then just play the file. I am somewhat perplexed by this question. 

If your desire is true and genuinely from the heart, then you would never ask this question. Instead, you would welcome the opportunity to spend a few minutes each day visualising your dreams and desires. This is how you align your consciousness with the energies you’re working with. 

I want you to consider this…If you don’t do this, then this is a sign that you’re not really interested in the outcome, so then how or why would the energy help you manifest something that you don’t actually want??? 

Please, with every protocol of ours, and even if you’re using subliminals and files from other creators, try to understand the necessity of your conscious involvement and conscious actions, in manifesting your desires. If you don’t have a few minutes to consciously align your energy with the energy of your dreams and these protocols, you won’t achieve much. 

You can use this protocol at any time of day. I encourage you to play the file and visualise the energy flowing into your thoughts and feelings about your desires. Then, take action in your life that aligns with it. 

Use speakers when using this protocol. 

It is also beneficial to increase your fresh water intake. 

We also have an advanced version, which is 500% the energy intensity and intelligence of the Youtube version. 

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