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Healing Frequencies

Cure ALL Addictions (Substance & Behavioural)

This energy formulation has been built to help those struggling with ALL kinds of addictions, including all substance and behavioural related addictions. 

Some examples include, drugs, alcohol, smoking, food, porn, sex, lying, stealing, gambling, video games, etc. 

Note. The energy program has been built to cover ALL forms of addiction. The above is just a partial list to give you some examples. If you have an addiction to anything, this file can help. 

The protocols in this file will work to neutralise the positive reinforcement that feel good chemicals provide when flowing through the brain’s circuitry, as a result of built up addiction associations. 

This file will also work to restore the areas of the brain that regulate self control and stress, allowing you more opportunities to overcome your addiction. 

Best practice would first be to consciously become aware of, and acknowledge your addiction, and the symptoms that present themselves as you’re about to succumb to the addiction, then establish measures to exercise self control when you begin to feel the symptoms. 

This may include getting up and moving, doing some short bursts of exercises like 20 squats or pushups, drinking water, etc. 

The aim is to distract the brain’s circuitry, and redirect the energy, much like hitting a reset button. 

Why is this important? 

As the file does it’s work, it is important that you consciously counter the addiction by firstly reinforcing your ability to exercise self control in any situation, as well as building new life habits and associations. 

Research shows that it takes up to 21 days to establish new habits, and establish new neural pathways in the brain. 

So, use this file daily for a minimum period of 21 days, listening at least 2 – 3 times a day. Anyone with more serious issues, listening twice in the morning and twice in the evenings will be beneficial. 

It will help if you consciously action changes in your life in these 21 days. 

For example, if you are addicted to porn, limit opportunities where you will be alone with a device that will allow you to succumb to the need. 

During the 21 day period, engage in new activities like exercising, learning something new, changing your diet, etc. 

Use the file as a tool to regain control of yourself. 

An advanced version is available for those that require something a little more potent. 

It will help to increase water intake during the initial 21 day period, as well as taking a good multivitamin supplement that also includes amino acids. 

SIDE NOTE. By now, you would have become aware that my protocols work best when you consciously engage with the energies. Speak your peace to the energies whilst the file is playing. Ask the energies to target and eradicate the specific addiction you’re suffering from, and ask for help in overcoming this addiction.

I wish you all the best! 

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