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Healing Frequencies

Billionaire Capacity & Business Genius Protocol

I’ve had some serious reservations about releasing this file, primarily due to my concern that many of the users will misinterpret the actual purpose of this file, and field of energy. 

If you plan to utilise this file, please take some time to read the explanation below. 

Firstly, you must understand, that the energy signature of ‘being’ a billionaire, has nothing to do with money. 

A true billionaire is not money rich. A true billionaire is ‘asset’ rich. Most billionaires build up assets, then take out loans against their assets. These assets could be anything from real estate, to shares in companies, to brand value. 

Also, the billionaire energy signature has nothing to do with being a playboy, evil, greedy, or any other associated stereotypes. 

If money, power, prestige, status, etc, is your draw, then this file isn’t for you. You’re better off using the millionaire file. 

I’d like to also add that this file won’t make everyone listening to it a billionaire. Nor will it make anyone a billionaire by simply listening to the file. 

This is a tool you utilise, combined with some smart thinking, and a lot of hard work. 

I’ve spent some time meditating with this field of energy to grasp a better understanding of what is the aide of this field to those that seek to become a billionaire. 

The response I received is that the field expands the ‘capacity’ of a person to become a billionaire. It creates the energetic potential. You then work to fulfil that potential. 

In short, it establishes a vibration around you, which will allow you the capacity to become a billionaire.

It is one piece of the puzzle. 

What is common to all billionaires is that they provide a product or service to the world, which provides a solution to a real world problem, or real world level desire. 

The solutions are always on a national, multi-national or global scale. Many are visionaries that forecast the coming changes to social dynamics on a global scale. 

For example, Bill Gates perceived the growing use of personal computers on a mass scale, and provided software to run those computers. 

William Dell came up with the solution to produce and make available PC’s on a mass scale. 

Jeff Bezos perfected and brought to the world an ecommerce supply chain. 

The likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and their co-founders fulfilled the need humanity had to express themselves. 

If you can perceive real problems that humanity is facing, and then establish a viable solution, then the potential for you to become a billionaire is a real possibility. 

This file will help to establish the capacity, which you combine with potential by perceiving and creating a solution to a real world issue. 

The second part of this file has to do with savvy business acumen. 

The ‘savvy business acumen’ portion of the vibration will help you perceive solutions to real world problems. 

It is best to first select the industry you’d like to work in, then perceive a problem the industry is facing, or forecast a change to social dynamics, then meditate to this file daily, seeking a solution to the problem. 

You may replay the file a few times, whilst you are contemplating solutions. Please do not loop any of our files. 

All of our files are best played through speakers, so as to expose your energy body and environment to the energy field. For those seeking to use headphones, you may, however, be aware that the flow of energy will be slower, having to flow through the dense body. 

I’d also advise you begin to change your daily routines and habits. Shift your mind to one that focuses only on solutions delivery. 

The best time to work with this vibration would be early in the mornings, preferably between 5 – 7am. 

Both the Youtube and Advanced versions establish capacity and provide the vibration of savvy business acumen. I’d also call it the energy signature of business genius vibration. 

The difference between the two files, is in the the intensity and intelligence of the energy. 

The advanced version is about 9x the intensity and consciousness intelligence of the Youtube version.

Please note, that your journey to billionaire status is not a short overnight hop, skip and jump, but more of a longer trip spanning many years, even decades. 

Do your research, plan well, then execute this plan effectively. 

This file is a tool that will help you in your journey. 

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