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Spiritual Techniques

Become Charismatically Magnetic (Divine Magnetic Presence)

This file works to assimilate into your vibration, an attraction force similar to that of awakened divinity. 

By this, I mean the magnetic presence of the likes of Krishna, Christ and Buddha, when they walked on Earth, in human form. 

Each one of the three, possessed varying degrees of this powerful force, however, the underlying energy signature is the same. 

Naturally, in our present state of spiritual ignorance, we’re not able to reach the heights they possessed, however, even a tiny fraction of their levels can make a world of difference to a normal human being. 

This protocol works to make your vibration charismatically magnetic, assimilating a divine force that draws people towards you. 

Initially, the energy feels similar to the Kleem vibration, but after consulting with the Vedic Priest, and continually energy testing this field, I realised that the vibration of Kleem is a very small aspect of the magnetic pull of divinity. 

Where Kleem works to draw externally, the subtle layers of this field, draws from within.


Let me explain another way. Krishna, Christ and Buddha’s attraction is felt within, rather than on the outside. 

Their pull captures your heart, not the mind or the body. Eventually, the mind and the cellular intelligence does follow suit, but it is first felt in the heart. 

Similarly, as this vibration assimilates with yours, you will find that people respond to you because they can feel your presence, rather than having their own energies yanked towards you. 

This makes the attraction force far more potent. This establishes something similar to devotion coming from within, rather than manipulating their energies. 

This energy will make you magnetic, charming, even seductive (not in a sexual way). 

I highly recommend a visual meditation session when using this file. 

As you play the file, close your eyes and visualise golden droplets of energy coming from within you, completely filling your aura, then flowing outwardly. How far the golden droplets go is up to you. 

This meditation doesn’t need to be elaborate. A few minutes should be enough. 

After completing the above brief meditation, you can meditate focusing upon your crown chakra. 

Be mindful that it is the golden droplets that are flowing outwardly, and not your aura that you are expanding. If you end up doing the latter, you’ll end up being a giant sponge for other peoples crap. 

For those a little more experienced, meditate with the file and energies and discover what else you can achieve with it. 

Note. Please always be mindful of karmic implications when using attraction files. If you use the energies to negatively affect others, the universe will negatively affect you. 

A Side Note. The files on this site and our Youtube channel are not your regular subliminals or morphic fields. There is a spiritual aspect to all of the energy fields. Each energy field is unlimited in their potential, hence, we highly recommend you work with the energies to get the most out of them. 

If you are seeking to passively play the files, or add them to playlists without applying any effort in your life, then you’d be better off using subliminals or morphic fields. 

Back to this field. 

How many times you use this file is up to you, with common sense applied, since the energy is fairly subtle, however, please do not loop the file. 

We do have an advanced version available in our site store, which is about 650% the potency and intelligence of the Youtube version. 

Drink plenty of water with this field. 

Stay blessed!

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