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Spiritual Techniques

Awaken Bliss & Everlasting Happiness

From a spiritual sense, the main purpose of our existence, and separation from source, is to experience creation and self, from differing perspectives, then, eventually, returning back to an awakened state of awareness, which leads us to awaken inner bliss and experience everlasting happiness. 

Unfortunately, given the state of the world, and the energy grids that influence us, we find ourselves engulfed by ignorance, which prevents us from discovering inner bliss, or from experiencing true everlasting happiness. 

Of all the places in the multi-verse, where we could have been born, Earth, is said to be where some of the hardest experiences are had, and where some of the toughest lessons are learnt. 

This protocol, utilises yogic energetic techniques to trigger and awaken inner bliss, and promote the energy of everlasting happiness, within you. 

We recommend listening to this protocol regularly, through speakers, allowing the energy to absorb, both into your own vibration, and that of your environment. 

Regular listening will have a compounding effect. 

For those truly seeking, we encourage you to seek bliss and happiness in your lives, as you utilise this protocol. Do so consciously. 

Our outer lives are a reflection of our inner environment. When the inner bliss and happiness is actively sought, one begins to notice its existence in our surroundings and greater lives. The universe will begin to reflect this back to you. 

We have two versions of this protocol. The Youtube version may be listened to a number of times throughout your day (1 – 5). It utilises our subtle delivery system to help prevent overloading your nervous system. 

Our Advanced version utilises both the yogic technique, plus, the energy fields of inner bliss and everlasting happiness. It also utilises our subtle waves of light technology. For those who can consciously interact with energy, will notice the energy is a lot softer. 

The advanced version will be made permanently available for $1. 

You may play this softly in your environments, in your offices, in public. Doing so, will feed this energy into Earth’s grid, allowing this energy to spread. 

You may share this particular protocol with your family and friends. 

Stay blessed!

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