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Healing Frequencies

Activate & Increase Androgen Receptor Density in the Body

This file will activate and dramatically increase the density of androgen receptors in the body ONLY. There will be no up regulation of androgen receptors in the scalp or the prostate. 

There is plenty of information about androgen receptors available online, so I won’t be providing a science lesson here. 

We achieve the formulation of this file by replicating the energy signature of androgen receptors, then map their existence throughout the body. 

The energy will compound with each listen, so listening to this file 2 – 3 times at a time, is more than enough, per day. 

This protocol is built to be intuitive, so this file can be used by both men and women. The energies will work with the consciousness of the body and mind. 

You may also direct the energy flow, and request greater up regulation in certain parts of the body, by verbally requesting it, whilst the file is playing.

To further heighten the effects of this protocol, include weight training and intermittent fasting to your regular routine. 

There is an advanced version available for those that are body builders or seriously pursuing building their physique. 

The advanced version increases the energy by 700%. 

Both files use a subtle delivery system, so as to not overwhelm the nervous system. 

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